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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hot men in jeans


  1. Regarding your survey on "what kind of men do you
    like", I'm way past 50 and the result reminds me of
    something that happened to me some time ago..
    I was in a gay bar in a large Canadian city, when
    some young punk asked me, "what the fuck ya doin' here old fucker"? Told him that I was enjoying the
    fruits of my labor, that at his age we didn't have
    bars like this, nor did we have the open sexual freedom that he was experiencing, so we did something
    about it and through gay activism, we got what is now
    the norm in the gay scene and that I was just enjoying it, "no thanks to you, you snotty ignorant
    fucker"..and that is also Mansex 101...Animalia

  2. way to be ray. Young gay guys can be such bitches...I would know I'm 20. And I respect all the work that your generation has done for gay, and cant imagine growing up as a gay guy in the world you did, its hard enough now.

  3. Hey Ray,

    Just remember that asshole come in all shapes, sizes and ages. You just happened upon a youn one.

    I hope you are enjoying my blog. Keep watching ;)

  4. David,

    Great blog and nice cock too I might add. I have added you to my blog roll. Keep it coming ;)




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