Story from a reader

I'd only been working in my job for a short period of time. (I'm in personnel for this company.) I at times schedule different companies to come in and set up a booth for our employees, they're trying to get some business. I had scheduled this bank to come in and sit in the cafeteria for 7 hours.. not a fun job. To my pleasure it was a young new grad they had scheduled here. So i set him up, gave him the rules... chit chatted with him for awhile and let him do his thing. I made it a point to go and check on him quite a bit... taking care of him. He was gorgeous 5'10", slender/muscular build, brown hair and blue eyes.. very tasty. Is seem like he smiled a lot and was very touchy when I went in there... touching my arm, hand.. leg when I sat down.. i was getting a very good vibe so I was doing the same. At the end of his shift he was packing up and I asked him to come back to my office when he was done to discuss how it went.. was it successful for him. At this time it was 7pm and I was the last one there in the offices. He came back and sat down.. did the idle chit chat for a minute. He was flirting and it was obvious. He lifted his pant leg and pulled up his dark socks, sat with his legs spread apart.. scratched his chest. Then the opener.. he said he had gotten a stiff neck while he was here so said I'm good with those things let me see if I could help. I walked behind him and started massaging his neck muscles. Right away he was liking it.. he put his head back and said that it felt oh so good and moaned a little bit. At this point my pelvis was pressed against his arm and he added some pressure back. So go for it I thought. I bent over and kissed his neck and he didn't flinch. I moved my kisses up his neck to his face at which point our mouths were engrossed in a hot wet deep kiss.. tongues down our throats. At this point he's grabing my cock and rubbing it hard and struggled to undo my pants and snake out my cock which he did. At the same time I'm ripping off his suit jacket and ripping buttons off his shirt to expose his beautiful golden tan chest. Then I grab my cock and push his head down to it and shove my cock deep down his wet throat. I'm moaning in pleasure as he sucks it deep. I loved grabbing his hair and holding on pushing him down each time choking a little bit. Then he got his own cock out and started jerking it..It was a huge beautiful thick cock and big thick balls. I couldn't have him do that so I dropped to my knees and deep throated him. while i was down there I slipped off his shoes and was rubbing his foot on my cock. Our ties still on shirts wide open and pants around our ankles it was time to do it. I couldn't wait any longer. I stood up and grabbed him by his tie and stood him up ... wet kissing the whole time. I stepped on his pants and had him step out of them as did I at that point. Then I just turned him around and bent him over my desk. First licking his ass getting it primed. I tongued his deep pushing my tongue deep inside, it tasted so sweet. I licked my fingers shoving one then two then three inside of him while I was stroking his huge cock. I then grabbed his shirt pushed it aside and grabed his hips and drove my cock deep inside of him. He let out a yell as he grabbed the desk. My feet right out side of his we left our sock on. I pushed on his back as I thrusted hard and deep inside of him. He was moaning and asking for more and it felt so good he said he like my thick cock inside of him. So I gave him more. He grabbed my ass pulling me inside of him. i stroked his cock, grabbed his pecs. He was then telling me he's cumming.. Just as I saw cum oozing out of his cock beneath mine i gave my final thrusts and pulled out and shot my thick load all over his back. We were hot, sweaty and panting like we just ran a marathone.. and we kind of did. He turned around and licked my cock clean as I did for him and then we kissed some more tasting each others sweet cum. we cleaned up our messes put our wet still semi hard cocks back in our pants and got dressed. He was having a little trouble walking.

We went to dinner... and there's more to the story!!

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