On Saturday Mike and I were feeling horny (as usual) and we went on the prowl for a stud to play with. We found a hot bottom guy on craigslist and set things up for him to come to our place.

He was a sexy younger Asian guy at about 5’ 8” with a slim build, nice beefy legs and a hot little round ass! After a few minutes of chatting we went to the bedroom and stripped.

My favorite thing about a three-way is that there are so many positions to get into! In no time my cock was in our guest’s mouth and I was playing with Mikes big, thick cock in my hand. We rolled around into all kinds of positions, sucking each others cocks and exploring bodies as we kissed.

Soon I was on my back with our friend on top of me kissing wildly. Mike climbed on his back and rubbed his fat cock up and down his hot little crack. I whispered in his ear “do you want him to fuck you?” and he growled out a “yes”. Before I knew it Mike had rolled off of his back and was poking his dick at my mouth. What could I do? That big meaty cock needed to be sucked and I was more than happy to oblige. He slid it past my lips and slowly started to fuck my face. Now our guest was sucking my cock while Mike was feeding me his own. I could feel it growing even bigger in my mouth as he pumped it in and out of my hungry mouth.

In no time my cock was aching, I had to either burry my dick in some ass of have one up my own ass! As a guest should always be the priority I decided that I should fuck him so I had Mike take my place on the bed with our hot little bottom lying on top of him and his ass in the air. I played with his ass and pulled it apart to reveal his tight little hole just waiting for some attention. I reached for some lube and applied it to his hole. I slid a finger in him to loosen him up and spread the lube around then a rolled on a condom and lubed up my own dick.

I laid on his back and guided my cock to its tight little target. He was tight as hell but I slowly pushed further and further into his warm ass hole. Suddenly Mike said “stop” but I didn’t think he was talking to me so I continued to drive my cock into him until my balls where on his ass. I quickly learned that I had gotten a little carried away and slid in a little to quickly for our friend and he was in so much pain he couldn’t do anything accept gasp. My bad…I pulled out and gave him a breather for a few minutes and when he gave me the “ok” I went it for a second time.

After a couple of snorts on his poppers he was doing just fine and grinding his little ass back onto my cock and wanting every inch I could give him. I plowed him for a few minutes in this position while he and Mike kissed passionately. Soon I was on my back and he slowly sat on my dick. I love watching a cock disappear into an ass! He bounced up and down while Mike stood above me and fed him his cock. Next I pushed him onto his back and I fucked him from a seated position and Mike moved to his knees to keep his own cock buried in his mouth.

I don’t like to be too greedy so I asked Mike if he was ready to take my place and fuck him. What a stupid question, Mike loves to fuck and he was ready to go! He put on a condom lubed his prick and aimed his big head at that tight little pucker. Watching Mikes dick head penetrate this guy is hotter than any porn I could watch.

I go to my favorite position behind mike and start licking his ass and playing with his heavy balls as he fucks this guy. My tongue goes from his balls and up his crack and then back down. I pull his butt cheeks apart and see his hole just waiting for me! I swirl my tongue around his pucker and then bury my face in his ass and eat out his hole for all I am worth.

We play like this for a few more minutes and then I hear “I’m gonna cum” from our bottom boy. He pounds his dick wildly while Mike continues to pound his ass. I get on my knees and start stroking my own hard shaft over our guest chest. He erupts and his spunk flies all over his chest and up his neck. I am right behind him and my first blast goes over him and hits the bed and the next couple on his chest. Mike pulls out of that warm little hole and beats his meat as well. His first salvo in to his face and I am squirting out my last stream. Mike shoots another three or four hot jets of cum onto his face and chest.

Mike and I collapse on either side of our little cum dump :)

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