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Pride Studios- Breeding my Brother's Stepson

Next Door Taboo- Raw Best Threesomes

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Twas the night before Folsom

Twas the night before Folsom and all through the trashy bars south of Market things were hopping! Mike and I went to our favorite bar on the Saturday night before the Folsom Street fair. The lines were long and the bar was packed to capacity. After we finally got in we had a few beers and checked out all the hot men, lots of leather, bare asses and a couple guys with no clothes on at all.
After an hour or so we decided to check out the back room as there is almost always something going on. It was packed but we found a place to stand and check things out. After a few minutes a space opened up on a bench and I grabbed it. Soon the spot next to me opened up and Mike moved in next to me.
We were only in this new position for a minute when a tale lean totally nude guy walked it and stopped right in front of me. He had buzzed hair and a big tattoo down his left side and onto his ass cheek and a big uncut cock. He couldn’t move further into the room because there was no space, so I told him he could sit in my lap, to which he responded that he was a top. So I said that’s fine too, I can sit on your lap. But his focus was actually on the guy standing to my right. He looked a little rough and outdoorsy with jeans and an open flannel shirt exposing his very hairy chest.
The naked guy didn’t waste any time and soon they were kissing. The hairy guy was stroking the naked guys cock and getting it hard. Soon the hairy guys cock was out and they were stoking each other and kissing. The hairy guy had a Prince Albert, which is not really my taste but then I wasn’t really involved. Soon they were switching back n’ forth sucking each other dicks. I reached over to play with the naked guys ass a few times but they were so into each other I only played with it a couple of times.
As these two were going at it another couple moved in right next to Mike. One guy was VERY hot with a muscled hair chest and jeans just barely covering a bubble butt. His companion was shorted with a shaved head and a nice body as well. They started by kissing but very quickly the hot guy was turned around with his hands on the wall and his tight jeans being pulled down to his ankles.
Next the bald guy dropped to his knees and spread that amazing furry ass open with his hands. He moved forward and his face was instantly buried giving the hot guy an amazing rim job. Mike had to join in so he felt up the hot guys chest, pinched his nipples and then started to stock his meaty cock.
I didn’t know which way to look as there was hot sex going on to either side of me. I was so jealous of Mike that he was playing with the hot guys dick and chest. But soon my turn came…
A tall guy wearing jeans and no shirt was suddenly standing in front of me. We chatted for a few minutes and periodically watched all the action going on. This guy was about 6ft with a lean muscular build and no noticeable hair on his chest. His name was Brad and he asked if I wouldn’t mind rubbing his shoulders. What do you think?
He turned so that his back was to me and I started rubbing his shoulders. I massaged him for a few minutes then let my hand explore his body a little more. I reached around to his chest and pulled him almost onto my lap. I looked down to see the crack of his ass and I decided I wanted to feel that as well. I did my best to play with his firm round ass but his pants didn’t give me too much room. Mike noticed I was having a little problem doing what I wanted to do so he reached over with his free hand and unbuttoned the top of Brad’s jeans.
No complaints so far so I just kept going. The room was very hot so my stud was already fairly sweaty, which made exploring his hole with my finger quite easy. I pushed my finger in and out of his tight little hole while my other hand reached around to play with his chest.
Mike stopped playing with the hot guys dick and unzipped my guys pants so he could jerk off my guy instead. A few minutes of Mike and I playing with Brad passed and then Brad said he wanted to see our dicks as well. Of course we obliged and pulled our pants down enough for Brad to get a good eyeful.
Mike has a big fat dick and everyone always goes crazy for it as soon as they see it. I am more average is size and girth but I can stay hard forever and I get hard at the drop of a hat! Brad took turns sucking first Mike and then me and then back again and I am finger fucking him the entire time. Brad stands up straight, turns his back to me, pulls his jeans down below his ass and sits right down on my hard happy cock!
I stay seated and Brad grinds his ass down on my rock hard cock with long deep thrusts. We fuck like this for a few minutes and then I stand so I can fill him even more with my dick. Mike is playing with both cocks now and his own big piece of meat is standing up straight just waiting for a turn. I pull out and move Brad over to Mike. Brad sits on his fat dick and they start fucking. Mike gets up almost immediately and starts fucking Brad nice and hard. It is very obvious that Brad is a very good and talented bottom who loves to get fucked.
A few minutes pass and Mike whispers into Brad’s ear that he is ready to shoot and asks Brad where he wants his load. Brad tilts his head back and says cum in my ass! Mike pumps and thrusts a few more times and then unloads his cum deep inside of Brad.
Brad is still wanting more and we now have a crowd around us trying to get whatever they can. Brad faces me and starts sucking my cock. A hot blond guy moves behind Brad and starts to fuck him as well. I reach under Brad to feel the blonds dick sliding in and out of his hot little butt. It is obvious that Brad is in heaven and there are hands all over him now. The blond finally pulls out and Brad turns around again to take my cock. This boy is driving me crazy and I just cannot stop fucking him. I pull out for a second and the blond wants more so he turns Brad to face me and resume pumping his ass.
The hot hairy guy who was next to Mike is still getting rimmed. The bald guy gets up and slides his big cock up that hot hairy ass and ponds away. Soon he pulls out and is back on his knees with his tongue buried deep inside his hot friend.
Brad starts sucking my cock and I am again feeling the blonds dick fuck that tight little hole. I can’t hold off any longer and tell Brad I’m gonna shoot. He comes off my dick just as I shoot. Jet after jet hit him in the face, chest, stomach and some of the surrounding spectators.
We are still playing when they announce that the bar is closed and we have to all get out. We all zip up, Brad and Mike exchange phone numbers and we walk out of the back room into the main part of the bar.
Just outside of the door there are two hot guys standing up and fucking. I love this place!



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