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Pride Studios- Breeding my Brother's Stepson

Next Door Taboo- Raw Best Threesomes

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Another hot 3-way

I had been chatting with this guy on Grindr for a few weeks now. He lives in another city and comes to San Francisco every few months for work. He sent me a message that he was going to be in town and wanted to know if we were interested in getting together. I talked with Mike (my partner), and showed him the picture of Dirk. Mike said “I know him”. It turns out he is a friend of a friend and Mike always thought Dirk was hot and wanted to fuck him.

I sent Dirk a message saying we wanted to play with him but I needed to also let him know that Mike knows him. Dirk was surprised to say the least but said he also had thought about fucking around with Mike in the past. Well, it looks like everyone is onboard and we know there is already some chemistry to work with so we move forward.

Dirk came to our place late afternoon on Sunday. When he stood in the doorway I was pleasantly surprised as he looked even better in person. He is about 6ft tall with jet black hair and a sexy smile. Although he was still fully dressed it was obvious he had a nice body and big, meaty legs.

We sat in the living room and talked over a beer for a bit as there was still a little awkwardness about Dirk and Mike knowing each other. After awhile, when everyone was more relaxed Mike suggested we head to the bedroom. I popped in a porn DVD for background motivation and we all started taking our clothes off.

Mike was undressed first and his half hard cock looked ready to go! Mike has a meaty cock that looks thick and big even when he isn’t hard. When he is fully hard his cock looks huge! Every once in awhile I look at that big hard dick of his and think “how on earth does all of that fit in my ass?”

Before I met Mike I considered myself more of a top. I love ass! I cannot get enough of it and love to play with a hot ass, rim it until my tongue is spent and then slide my cock in. I have never had a problem finding Men to fuck but I not usually the one who initiates the process. I am over 6ft tall and have a slim build and have almost no body hair (naturally). I have pubic hair but not a single chest hair and almost nothing on my arms and upper legs. This seems to attract men who want to fuck me. Because of this I have bottomed for a few men over the years but my preference was to be the top.

Mike is 90% top and when we got together I bottomed for him. When he fucks me I just can’t get enough and it didn’t take to long for me to consider myself more of a bottom. Now I really enjoy having a nice hard cock slide into my ass and pound away. My ideal situation is where I get to fuck Mike for a while but we finish with Mikes cock buried deep in my ass, thrusting in and out and shooting his big load as I cum all over my chest with streams of jizz hitting my face.

Dirk and I were soon undressed and the three of us stood beside the bed exploring each others bodies. Dirk has a very hairy chest which tapers down to his stomach and a big bush framing his dick. His ass is hairy as well, firm and round. My hands are everywhere, on Mikes cock, on Dirks ass and then off to explore some other areas of these two hot men before me.

After a few minute we are soon rolling around in bed. I have Dirks cock growing in my mouth as I suck him in. My lips gliding over the head and engulfing the shaft and soon my face is buried with my eyes on his balls and just the hint of his hairy crack. Mike is squatting in front of Dirk and filling Dirks mouth with his cock. I look up to see the tip of Mikes cock on Dirks lips and then the big veiny cock disappears into Dirks hungry mouth.

We play like this for quit some time, rolling around on each other, changing positions, cocks being sucked and lots of kissing. Soon Dirk is laying on his back with my cock in his mouth and Mike is exploring our guests hot hairy hole with his tongue. I see this and my dick gets even harder! When I see Mike rimming another guy or even better, when I can watch his big fat cock sliding in and out of another guys ass and play with his balls with my eyes glued to the action, well, my dick doesn’t get much harder with that to watch!

Mike and I trade positions and his cock is being sucked again and I get my turn to play with Dirks hairy ass and tight little butt hole. First my fingers caress from Dirks balls and up his crack, then I spread those cheeks and lightly kiss his hole while I stroke his dick. I nip his cheeks and lick his crack and then I see his hole just waiting for my tongue. I spear it and then bury my face in his ass and rim the hell out of him. I hear moans of pleasure but I am to lost in his ass to know who is making them.

I know that after Mike eats ass he want to fuck it! Dirk rolls on his back and Mike lifts his legs onto his shoulders. Mikes cock head is just touching Dirks tight little hole. Mike pumps his cock a few times in his fist with a helping of lube and slides a greased finger into Dirk to pave the way. Dirk has a very tight little hole and Mike has to slowly push his fat cock into him. It takes a few minutes of loosening him up but in no time Mike is pumping away while Dirk and I play with each others cocks and kiss with out tongues deeply exploring.

Mike is fucking away and I am in position holding his balls up so I can closely watch my studs big dick go in and out of Dirks ass. Dirk is now rock hard and loving that cock inside of him. Soon it is my turn to fuck and I have Dirk roll over so I can see that hairy ass and tight little pucker.

I wrap my hard cock and lube it up. I slowly sink my cock into Dirk. My arms are locked on either side of him and I slowly grind his butt while Mike feeds Dirk his cock. Dirk is very tight and his ass feels like it doesn’t want to let go of my cock. I pull out so just the head is inside of him and slowly dive back in until my balls are resting on his. I continue with long smooth and deep stokes as Dirks ass rises off the bed to meet my thrusts. This sends me over the edge and I pick up the pace, faster and faster until I am about ready to blow my load. I stop and slowly pull my cock out of his ass to savor the vice grip he has on me.

Mike rolls Dirk back over and goes for round two. I am kneeling at Dirks chest and stoking my cock as I watch the action of my man fucking this stud. Soon Mike says he is about to cum and Dirks cock erupts all over his chest, then another big load hits his chin and face. Mike pulls out and pumps his cock hard in his fist and soon his jizz is coating Dirks still hard cock, balls and stomach. I am only seconds behind as I Dirk plays with my balls and Mike reaches around and fingers my ass hole. I know I am going to shoot far so I point my cock down at Dirks body and shoot over his body the first time and then onto him as well. We all collapse on each other, three hot sweaty men…

There will be more to cum with this stud!

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  1. I'm 90% top as well but as much as I like fucking a nice tight guy, I have to say there is a great feeling when you're on your back or riding that dick. feeling that cock burst inside you is awesome.



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