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Pride Studios- Breeding my Brother's Stepson

Next Door Taboo- Raw Best Threesomes

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Craigs List

This one was different...

Mike posted an add on Craigs list for a guy to join us for some fun. One reply really stood out and his pictures were hot! This guy said he was bi and just wanted to watch Mike and I fuck around. Game on!

He showed up at our place looking even better than his pictures. He was about 5' 8" and had a very solid build, handsome ass and a firm round ass in his tight jeans.

We had a couple beers to loosen up and then headed to the bedroom to get to business. Mike and I stripped and started exploring each others bodies. Are guest went by the name "Buddy" and he stood by the bed fully clothed and just watched us go at it.

I was on my back with Mike kneeling next to my head and his big fat cock just inches from my mouth. He pushed the his fat cock head to my lips and said "suck it". I do as I am told (sometimes) and sucked his cock like it was the last one I was ever going to have!

Mike's Cock
Mike loves to have his dick sucked and I love sucking it, so we are both very happy. Buddy pulls up a chair, takes off his shoes and sits next to the bed, watching and grabbing at the bulge in his jeans.

Buddy starts to play director and tells Mike to suck my dick as well. Soon we are in a 69 position, both sucking cock. This goes on for awhile and then Mike lifts his hips and pulls his dick out of my mouth as he moves in to get my cock better. This leaves his balls in my face so I do what any Man would do and suck his balls.

Mikes ass drives me crazy and I am looking right at his hairy crack and tight hole as I like his balls. I can't wait any more and my tongue starts to make it's way to Mikes tight little hole. As soon as I reach my target Mike sits up and gives me all of his ass! I rim his hole like crazy.

I can hear Mike talking to Buddy asking is he has ever had his ass eaten? He answers yes and says that he loves it! Buddy starts to tell Mike about some of the experiences he has had with guys and what he has liked. Mike tells Buddy to get comfortable and he is free to do what ever he wants.

I move back to that big juicy cock and I can see Buddy is standing up and taking off his clothes. WOW! What a body this guy has, he must be at the gym every day and it shows! He has big pecs with a light dusting of hair, thick rugby legs and a trail of hair leading down into his white briefs.

Mike asks Buddy if he wants to see me get fucked. My cock gets even harder at the thought. Buddy says he does and Mike quickly moves between my legs. He grabs the lube and slides it over his dick then pushes a lubed finger against my tight little hole. He pushes it in and finger fucks me.

Mike withdraws and grabs my ankles and puts them on his shoulders. I can feel his big mushroom head against my asshole as I hear Buddy say "this is hot". Mike slowly pushes his fat cock into me and Buddy moves to the foot of the bed so he can see Mikes cock sliding into me.

Mike starts slow and steady and then picks up speed as he really starts to plow me now. Buddy is stroking his cock in his briefs and but still staying out of the action.

Before I met Mike I considered myself to be a top. I had been fucked a few times but I really preferred to do the fucking. Mike changed all of that! H e is 90% top and he is very good at it! After he fucked me a few times I was a changed man. I now consider myself as a versatile bottom. I still love to fuck a tight ass and the times where I get to fuck and get fucked are great. I guess that is why I enjoy 3-ways and groups so much, because I can do it all.

Mike has picked up his pace and is filling me with his fat dick. Buddy has taken off his underwear and it standing by the bed stroking his cock. Mike asks Buddy how he wants to cum and he says he want to shoot his load on my face while mike is filling my ass.

I am going crazy with one stud fucking the hell out of me and another jacking his cock over my face. I reach around and start to play with Buddys big tight ass cheeks. I slide a finger down his crack and play with his hole and he lets out a moan.

My load is ready and I shout that I am going to cum. Jet after jet flies from my rock hard dick onto my stomach, chest, neck and face. When I shoot I squeeze hard with my ass and this drives Mike wild. He pulls out and jacks off for a second before he erupts all over me. I am fingering Buddys ass and can feel him getting tighter. My other hand playing with his balls and he shoots. His load covers my face and mouth.

I am coated in cum and taste Buddys jizz on my lips...


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    1. Hey there, I just saw your picture and wanted to say that you have a great looking cock

  2. I done it drunk 1 night, an found out I love it

  3. If you were closer id suck it 4 u

  4. Are you still looking and are you looking for male or female

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  7. Send me the address of the longest bbc in Kansas City Missouri and I will

  8. huuummm j'adore les membres virils qui se dressent et en demande encore !!!!



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