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Pride Studios- Breeding my Brother's Stepson

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Fuckin' in Palm Springs

We took a little trip to Palm Springs for the weekend to get some sun and relax around the holidays. We have a nice condo with a couple of pools, Jacuzzi and a tennis court. I just love going there because the weather is always great; there are many fantastic restaurants, a couple of fun casinos and a few fun bars. It is a great place to unwind while sitting in a Jacuzzi surrounded by palm and fruit trees and the amazing mountains are literally right in front of you.

I keep my BF (Mike) busy the first couple of nights as I am super horny and always want his cock in my ass! Mike is always happy to oblige and fuck the cum out of me, while he dumps his own load deep inside me.

The first night we are rolling around in bed and I start playing with his heavy balls while we kiss and grind on each other. I can feel his dick growing between us and I have to slide down for a taste. He flexes it a couple of times and I dive right in! His cock fills my mouth and I keep playing with his balls and slide my fingers down to his tight furry hole. I continue to deep throat his steel hard cock and tease his ass hole with mf finger.

Mike is mostly a top but he does like to have his ass played with. I see his hole and I get rock hard! I love to tease his hole with a finger then lick from his balls down until I reach my target and sink my tongue into him, swirling around his hole, biting his beefy ass and burying my face in his crack. Mike is happy to oblige and spreads his legs more to give me full access to his tight pucker. I lick and play in there until I feel the need to go back and give his cock more attention.

Mike is on his back and I am sitting on him leaning down for a passionate kiss. I can feel his cock on my balls and along my crack. He smacks his dick on my ass a couple of times and pushes the head towards my hole. “Do you want that in you” he says as I grind my ass down on his throbbing dick. I grab the lube and stoke him with it a few times, take a big hit from the poppers and point the head right to my tight hole. The poppers kick in instantly and I sit back and his head slides in. It takes me a couple of minutes to get ready for more and then I sit down further and the rest of his thick piece slowly pushes into me.

Mike loves for me to sit on his cock and I just love having that big thing inside of me pumping away so I am good with any position we get into. I ride that cock for all I am worth, bouncing up and down as I stoke my own dick. I reach back and feel his dick as it goes in and out of me. Mike moans and I play with his balls that are now the only thing just outside of my hole.

After a few minutes of me riding it and Mike driving it into me he says he is going to shoot! He has a nice big load ready for me and I squeeze his dick with my ass and jerk my own cock faster and faster. He is fucking me like crazy now and yells out that he’s cumming! I shoot a big load over his head, another on this chest and face and another on his arm as he unloads in me at the same time. I am spent but keep him in my ass for a few minutes more and rock back and forth to get the last drops out of him.

The next night Mike fucks me in the shower as we are getting ready to go out for dinner!

On our third day we are feeling like inviting someone over for a little fun. We find a hot guy on-line and he cums to our place. He’s about 6’ 3” with a nice build, early 40’s and a little scruff on his face. We sit in the living room, drink a couple of beers and chat for about 20 minutes. He’s a nice guy and we are all enjoying ourselves. Our guest, lets call him Kyle is telling us about an app on his phone and pulls it out to show us. Mike has to pee and says he’ll be right back, I walk over to the chair and stand behind Kyle to see his phone. I think it’s about time to get this started so I lean down and slide my hand down his chest and down to his crotch. He tilts his head back and we kiss and I grab the bulge that’s growing in his shorts.

Mike come back and finds up kissing and joins in. Kyle stands up and we move the part to the bedroom. Kyle takes off his shirt and shorts to reveal an orange jock strap. Mike and I strip and our cocks are growing bigger at the sight of this stud.

We jump in bed and right away Kyle, who is on his back slurps Mike’s big dick into his mouth. I go to work on Kyle’s dick while I play with his chest and nipples. Mike is on his knees slowly pumping that big cock of his into Kyle’s mouth. I continue to suck Kyle’s meaty rod and move down to his balls and take a quick swipe with my tongue at what I can reach or his hairy hole.

I get on my knees and move my cock to his mouth and Kyle does his best to get both cocks in his mouth. We roll around for a while sucking, kissing and exploring each others bodies. Kyle gets on all fours with his mouth sucking my dick while Mike moves in behind him and teases his hole with the head of his dick. Kyle is moaning with his mouth full of me and Mike starts to ease that big dick into his hole. Mike is fucking him nice and slow and I lean forward and we kiss while Kyle sucks my dick and gets plowed by Mike.

Mike asked if he wants to be double fucked and Kyle is quick to say yes. I lay on my back and Kyle lowers his ass down and the head of my cock pops into him. He sits down all the way and I start fucking him as Mike gets into position. I feel mikes piece rubbing my shaft and I know his cock head is ready to penetrate that hot ass. Mike pushes into him and I feel his cock against mine, both of us filling this tall hairy stud with our meat. We find a good rhythm and soon are pumping away faster and faster. Kyle is moaning and leans down to kiss me, his ass filled with two big hard cocks!

The idea of being double fucked sounds hot but I don’t think my tight little hole could take two! I can barely handle Mikes big cock and the though of another, well, maybe some day. I am always impressed with the guys that take two dicks up their ass at the same time. This is obviously not Kyle’s first time at the rodeo! He feels tight and warm and Mikes cock rubbing against mine at the same time is sending me over the edge.

I pull out and Mike keeps fucking him doggie style. Mike says he’s gonna cum, Kyle says he wants his load and Mike is more than happy to fill him up. He gives a couple of hard thrusts, tosses his head back and lets the cum erupt. I am over the edge and stand up over them and beat my meat until a huge load shoots all over the two of them. One, two, three, four big streams shoot out all over the place.

Mike gets up to pee again and I flip Kyle on his back, play with his ass, spread his cheeks and shove my cock back in for one more fuck. Mike comes back and finds me pounding that ass. Kyle shoots his load all over the bed as I fuck it out of him. I slowly withdraw and we all cuddle in a post fuck coma…


  1. I live in Palm Springs and I moved from New Jersey some 12 years ago and Love it out here were all the Fun is here. says Tom Hakim of Kearny, N.J.

  2. Wish I was your guest in Palm springs

  3. Hot stuff, enjoy read it.



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