Cruisin' for cock

On Sunday afternoon Mike and I decided to go to beer bust at a local bar. We had a couple of beers and watched a little porn in the back of the bar. We didn’t really have an agenda other than to relax and drink a little.

We went to the front of the bar and noticed good looking guy a few feet away without a shirt on. He was tall, lean and appeared to be very interested in Mike and I. After a few minutes of checking each other out he came over and we started talking. His name was Hank and within just a couple of minutes he had pulled his hard dick out for us to see.

Well I am not shy when I have such a forward invitation, so of course I stroked it a few times, reached down and played with his big hairy nuts and then moved back to playing with his cock. He reached for my jeans and started rubbing my growing dick through the denim.

He said he was versatile and very interested in playing with us. Mike asked if he lived nearby and eventually we decided that it would be easier to take him to our place. We finished our beers and headed to our car.

Mike said he would drive and that Hank and I should sit in back. Mike barely had the key in the ignition and Hank had pulled his jeans and underwear down to below his knees. Once again I has playing with his cock and balls and slipping my fingers down to his crack to play with his tight little butthole. By the time we were on the highway Hank had my pants down. He leaned on his side and started sucking my cock and he was a very good cock-sucker!

Mike watched us in the mirror and occasionally reached back to grab Hanks dick. As hank went down lower on my cock I started playing with his ass and little hole. It was obvious that he really liked that and wanted more. I kept playing with his hole and he kept pushing his ass higher into the air to give me better access. I spit into my hand and covered a finger so I could push it into him a little. Now his face is buried in my lap as he deep throats my cock and his ass is high in the air as I finger fuck him.

We have an SUV so most cars wouldn’t have been able to see what we were doing, but I am sure a few people got a nice look at Hanks ass with my finger pumping in and out of it. I lubed up another digit and tried to get two fingers in him. Because of the angle it was a little awkward but I did my best and Hank was loving it.

We pulled into our driveway and pulled our pants up and then headed inside so all three of us could have a little fun. We were all undressed with our cocks jutting out and ready to go in no time at all. Mike climbed on the bed and Hank went to work sucking Mike’s big fat cock, again his ass was up and waiting for more action.

I got behind Hank and reached between his legs to stroke his dick and play with his balls. My other hand squeezed his ass and gently played with his hole. He kept pushing back so I lubed a finger or two and went back to finger fucking him and playing with his meat.

His hole was hot and tight and the sight of it was driving me crazy. I got out some real lube, pulled on a rubber and greased my pole and his hole. I slow slid in and Hank came up off of Mike’s dick and reached for the wall. I wanted to drive it in because he felt so good, but I had too slow down and let him get used to it. Soon enough I was filling his ass with all of my dick and Hank went back to servicing Mike’s fat cock. I drilled him nice and slow, then I picked up the pace with a few hard, deep strokes. He was loving it and couldn’t get enough cock in both ends.

I was so excited and was already getting close, so I pulled out and asked Mike if he would like to switch places. Duh! Mikes cock was plugging Hank’s little ass in no time at all and I was back to enjoying Hanks hot mouth swallowing my dick. Did I mention was a great cock sucker he was?

Hank flipped over onto his back and Mike shoved his meat back in. With Mikes fat cock pounding away it wasn’t long before Hank couldn’t take it any longer and he shouted that he was going to cum. Big long spurts of jizz went all over his stomach and chest. It was very hot and now it was my turn to unload as well. On my knees and pointing my dick over Hank I stoked out jet after jet of cum. Mike pulled out, unwrapped and showered Hank in even more cream. Hank was coated in cum and we were all spent!


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  2. I want a cock and I want It in my mouth

    1. is your cock big? will you let me stroke it with my bright pink nails?

  3. ohh my need your cock in my mouth please

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