I got fucked hard last night

I was lying in bed with my husband last night and I was just about to drift off to sleep, when I felt his fingers on my balls. He touched them very softly then trailed down to my hole, just giving it a little tickle and then up to my growing cock.

He stroked my big dick a few times than sat up and moved between my legs so he could have full access to my cock and hole. He went back and forth from stroking my dick to teasing my hole. I was getting harder and harder and was ready for more.

Then he said "do you want to suck my dick". Well, he knows that I always want to suck his big fat cock! I move to my hands and knees with my ass in the air (just to show him what I want next) and my face in his crotch. I smell his big balls and begin to lick the shaft of his cock.

I lick his big mushroom head and gently engulf the head in my mouth. I slide down his shaft, slow at first and then a little faster. Soon I take his dick all the way to the base and feel his balls on my chin.

I love sucking on that big cock of his! Soon he is moaning and hard as steel. I love to service cock and I am a fairly good cock sucker, but once Michael is completely hard I cannot get his whole cock in my mouth/throat as it just gets to damn big! But I love trying...

I keep sucking in long deep strokes while I play with his balls. I concentrate on the head and swirl my tongue on the ridge of his head. then I let the head pop out of my mouth and I lick the shaft down to his big musky balls. One by one I like, suck and play with his big nuts until Michael tells me to put them both in my mouth (he loves that).

Now this is no easy feet as they are big! But soon I have them both in my mouth and I am in heaven with his big balls in my mouth with my tongue exploring where ever it can.

"I want to fuck you"! Is the next thing I hear. "get on your stomach and put your ass in the air". I do as I am told, and I cannot wait to feel the head of his dick against my tight little hole. He reaches for the jar of lube and then begins to hump my ass and tease my hole.

I grab my poppers (I love poppers!) and take a big whiff as I feel that big cock head staring to pierce me! He is in the mood to make me beg for more. I push my ass back to try and force him deeper, but he won't have it and pulls out just enough to keep the head inside me.

Soon enough he gives me what I want! The entire shaft slides deep inside me and I feel his pelvis against my ass. After a a few minutes of slow, deep strokes he begins to really pound my ass. I take another whiff of poppers and it makes me crave the fucking even more! I move up on my elbows and knees, with my ass in the air just begging to be plowed hard and deep.

Michael obliges and gives me a great hard fucking! I haven't been touching my own dick as I know I will cum. But now with Mike's hard cock plowing me I am about to shoot without even touching myself.

"I'm gonna shoot", I tell him as he rides my ass harder, faster and even deeper! I grab my own dick and with a couple of strokes I shoot a huge stream of cum, and again and again. My ass clenches even more as each burst of cum hits the bed and Mike says that I am milking him, he is gonna bust his nut.

"I'm fuckin' cumming" he says..."I am dumping my load soooo deep inside you right now"! I shoot another load as he tells me that he is cumming. One more deep thrust and then a few long slow thrusts and Mike says he is still cumming!

He gives me a few more long deep strokes with his spent cock and then he slowly pulls out and I feel his dick head on my ass cheek. I collapse into the big puddle of my own cum and Mike is on my back kissing my neck and I feel his still hard dick resting against my hole....


  1. So nice to wake up to a good fuck. I am partial to getting some early morning breakfast. I love eating cock in the morning. The first cum of the day is tasty and heavenly

    1. Hey all I want is for someone to face Fuck me then blow all over my face and maybe even piss in my arse

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  2. I will do anything for you

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